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The Man With The Invisible Trousers
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Have you ever wondered what its like to fight a bear?
Well, prepare to keep wondering, because this game has nothing to do with bear fights!
You are part of an elite detective team, but when your boss is murdered, who can you trust?
I mean, Jenny wouldn’t kill him, would she? Or Alistair?
Perhaps it was Lily? Or maybe it was YOU!
The only way to find out is to put your detective skills to the test, in this mind-bending puzzle platformer.
By the way, the murderer changes each playthrough use your brain to work out who the real killer is!

L/R arrows walk
Up arrow/space jump
Down arrow view whole level

Walkthrough: The Man With The Invisible Trousers Walkthrough
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  The Man With The Invisible Trousers
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