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Earth Onslaught Game Walkthrough (CTRL + D to Bookmark this page)

Hi guys, welcome to Earth Onslaught game Walkthrough.
In this page you can learn how to play Earth Onslaught games.

1. How to pause the game?
- Press 'P' key to pause the game

2. How to mute the sound?
- Press 'M' key to mute the sounds

3. How to scroll the screen?
- You can scroll the screen by press 'a' or 'd' keys (left or right)
4. How to win the this game?
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LEVEL 20 (Final Level)


Hope this can help you guys, if you had any question about this game or found some issue you can email us admin[at]smallfarmstudio[dot].com.

Play this game here, and please feel free to give any feedback, or reporting a bug.
Thank you
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